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SenesiaHC is specialized in Medical Diagnostic Software dealing with software design and development for diagnostic systems & medical devices. Our mission is to develop software focused on the user's experience and requirements, allowing companies to save time and money.
SenesiaDA develops tailor made Data Automation Software solutions with specialization in Cloud Business Application development. Our Software House designs & develops tailor made software solutions: from Process Management Systems to Cloud Business Application and more.
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Our software engineers develop software solutions that enhance the “user experience”: software that improves the usability of the diagnostic systems, favoring its easeness of use and interaction with the user.


Our philosophy is to support the client throughout the product life cycle: we are aware that software needs continuous technical and security updates. We are constantly in touch with our customers, guaranteeing continuous technical assistance with releases and new updates.


Our Staff is able to develop “agile” software, available in short time: our software are “taylor made” solutions that are implemented with the customer, in order to identify/cover any needs and requirements.


Our Company adopts a “circular approach” to software development: during the prototyping process the customer has an important role in the validation of the final product.


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We focus on the design and development of intuitive softwares for each customer. We constantly work to better understand how people interact with the elements of the connected diagnostic system or medical device. We believe that the simplicity and intuitiveness of our software are the key to penetrating the market and succeeding.
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